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The mission of TPCT Company is to establish a stable and trustworthy business environment with all our global partners.

About Us

TPCT Company is a well-established and experienced enterprise that has been providing quality services for nearly three decades.

This company prides itself on being at the cutting edge of innovation, always seeking to improve and expand its offerings to better serve its valued clients. At present, TPCT is fully committed to pushing the boundaries of development, offering top-tier consulting services, and actively promoting the sale of an extensive range of products and services.

The areas in which TPCT specializes are diverse and varied, ranging from electronics and textiles to real estate and paper products, and encompassing a broad spectrum of information technology services. With such a multifaceted approach, it is evident that TPCT has positioned itself as a true leader in each of these dynamic and highly competitive industries.

Our Activities

Paper & Boards

Specializing in procuring quality paper and board products, fostering close ties with industry developments


Textiles, integral to human life, represent our initial venture into global free trade experiences

Electricity & Energy

Committed to developing and managing both home and industrial energy networks, focusing on sustainability

Digital services

Aiming to provide and sustainably develop digital services globally, catering to a diverse audience

IT services

Investing in IT services to design, build, operate, and manage solutions for our customers


Dedicated to creating affordable structures, promoting smart living solutions for all members

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You are a unique person. Believe in yourself and rid yourself of fear. Improve your talents with us. Join us with just one click. In the end, we will be proud to see you shine in the sky with an experienced and successful team.

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